Some things change…


JOMTIEN, THAILAND – As Roo, Tash and I sped from Suvarnabumi Airport in Bangkok to Jomtien by taxi last night, I tried to remember whether driving in Thailand was always this scary, or whether Tash’s presence made it so. We bartered the driver down to 120 km/hour and I contemplated trying to sleep, figuring what the eye doesn’t see the heart doesn’t skip a beat over. But it was too exciting not to watch. It feels good to be back. I can already tell that my writing is going to be the better for it.

Tash slept through most of the hair-raising ride, apart from complimenting the driver on his choice of CD with ‘Nice mia’ (‘mia’ is her word for music). She was so well-behaved on the plane that other passengers commented on it. I could hardly believe our luck, especially after the night before: Tash came down with a fever and slept sporadically, still a bit on the warm side when we got on the plane; I’d had about three hours’ sleep, Roo not much more. But we survived the nine hour flight to Bangkok, the two hour drive to Jomtien (just south of Pattaya), and getting to bed around 11pm local time – 3am in Melbourne. Tash woke at four’, which is when she was due to wake up if we’d still been at home. But then we managed to get back to sleep, all three of us finally surfacing at eight this morning. Miraculous!

We’re staying at the Silver Sand Villa in Jomtien, recommended by Tash’s grandfather Haydiho. It’s a charming haven in a sleazy town. There are two pools in the leafy garden separated by bowers of bougainvillea, a fountain off to the side of the lobby containing jumpy carp and a langurous frog, pots of waterlilies, and a children’s playground with swings shaped like a train and a duck. So far Tash’s favourite past-time appears to be jumping in the pool, then getting out to play on the swings in order to get her feet covered in dirt, necessitating an outdoor shower before returning to the pool. I’m not even going to think about how we re-train her for drought conditions back home.

She seems to be taking it all in her stride, less beguiled by the exoticism of live turtles, frogs and eels in the Chaimongkon Market than her parents were, but excited about the advertisement for icecream in the back of the songthaew (literally ‘two benches’, the pick-ups used here as public transport). She shows no signs of being discombobulated by the radical change of scene, apart from expressing disappointment that she can’t watch Maisy on DVD. Ah well, there’s always the books. Shall we read ‘Maisy goes to the fair’ for the twenty-fifth time today? – Yes, let’s!

We’re off to the beach this afternoon, just over the road from our hotel. Tomorrow I have an appointment with a nun with the wonderful name of Sr Supaporn, who runs the Fountain of Life Women’s Centre in Naklua, our interview kicking off what will be my first full day of research.


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4 Responses to “Some things change…”

  1. sooz Says:

    The envy.

    Not the taxi bit, hate that, but all the rest sounds great.

    And great to see a small child as unconcerned by changing locales as we wish we all could be.

    Buying spun pattern books and thinking of you 🙂

  2. khim Says:

    how about some pics of the happy family ?

    how is Tash taking to Thai food ?

  3. angelasavage Says:

    Hi Sooz, yes, Tash is a model of flexibility and eclipses her parents in this regard. We miss you!

    Hi Khim, I’m working on the photos. Hope to have them up on my flickr account and also on this blog. Check out Tash isn’t really taking to local food yet, though we encourage her to try everything. She subsists on mangoes, yoghurt, chicken fried rice and pasta napoli 🙂

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