Today’s post shares a title with a short story by W Somerset Maugham, one of my all-time favourite short stories, also made into a 1932 film staring Joan Crawford.

Tash Roo kiteAfter a couple of weeks of sweltering heat, it’s started to rain again in Phnom Penh. Tropical rain at its finest. Drought-busting, dam-filling rain that I wish so bad I could send home to Melbourne.

Torrential, blinding, wake-you-up-in-the-middle-of-the night rain. Rain that turns streets into streams within minutes. Rain so loud Roo and I had to substitute the dialogue-heavy movie we wanted to watch Sunday night (Married Life) with a largely plotless action flick (Hancock) and turn on the English subtitles.

Today I had to change tables at the Thai restaurant where I was having lunch when rain started pouring through the roof.

It bucketed down for thirty minutes, and stopped as suddenly as it begun. The tuk-tuk drivers were back on the streets in no time, wearing yellow plastic raincoats and singing their familiar chorus of ‘Hello, tuk-tuk? Hello, moto? Hello, where you go?’

I’ve read tourist guide books refer to Cambodia as having four seasons: dry-cool, dry-hot, wet-hot, wet-cool. Wishful thinking, if you ask me, but according to these sources, we are heading into the wet-cool season. Will be interesting to see what that means.

Tash kiteWhether its the weather or something else, last weekend saw the sudden appearance of kite fliers and vendors in the parks running east of the Independence Monument and opposite Wat Botum Votey. There were kites shaped like bats, sharks, butterflies, even superheroes.

Perhaps in a sign we’re watching too much Mary Poppins, we decided “let’s go fly a kite” on Sunday afternoon. And in a sure sign we’re watching too much Little Mermaid, we bought a kite in the shape of a mermaid. Despite our best efforts though, I have to admit Roo and I got into it more than Tash.

Tomorrow I will upload the first of my ‘Next Generation’ columns on Phnom Penh with toddlers, the first of which was published in this month’s AsiaLIFE magazine.


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One Response to “Rain”

  1. khim Says:

    Bonjour Angela,

    So, you’re still in Phnom Penh enjoying the rain and flying kites… quelle vie !

    bisous from me & Patrick

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